Plumber denvers get help to buy new sinkers

DENVER (Reuters) – Plumbers in Colorado’s Colorado Springs city are getting help from their own city to buy more sinkers after some had to be removed after flooding and other problems.

The plumbing supply store on Broadway Street in the Denver suburb of Parkersburg was among the locations to be forced to close on Thursday after the city received more than 1,100 complaints from customers.

Some of the complaints were that the sinkers were too large and could be difficult to lift, said store owner Eric Tickell.

He said they were able to raise the sinker from a box and use a small screwdriver to install the new ones.

A spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Water and Power said in a statement on Thursday that it had sent an “emergency task force” to look into the issue and had received many tips about the issue.

“The city has identified a number of issues that need to be resolved, including a lack of training and supervision of the plumbers, and a lack in communication between the city and the plumbing supply chain,” the statement said.

The city will make recommendations to the city council, the spokeswoman said.