Why is Houston looking for a new water-quality standard?

The city’s water-level monitoring system was designed to detect the amount of contaminants in the water, but that data is often unreliable, and not all of it comes back.

Now the city is looking for ways to improve that data, as it seeks to set up a new data standard that will be updated annually. 

The city has a new plan to update the water-levels data that is supposed to be available every five years. 

It’s not clear what kind of update the city plans to announce.

The new plan says that water levels should be accurate to within 1,000 feet of the surface and below 5 feet above the surface.

But it’s unclear if the city will be able to provide that data.

The city of Houston is working on a new standards for its water, said Michael Brown, the city’s director of communications and community engagement.

Brown said the city has been looking at different ways to ensure accurate water levels and that’s one of the reasons they’re working on an update. 

Water levels were updated every five to 10 years, but now we’re going to be updating the water every two to three years, Brown said.