Which team will take on the Juventus team in Turin?

As the Turin derby approaches, the Bianconeri are set to face Juventus in the first leg of the derby.

It is a match that is bound to produce plenty of controversy and controversy for the Italian giants.

First of all, it is an open-door derby between the two teams, meaning the teams will be able to come out with players from both squads.

However, there is a rule that only one player from each team will be allowed to come on for each goal scored.

Therefore, the only player who can be on the pitch is the one who scored the goal.

Therefore in Turino, Paulo Dybala, who scored Juventus’ winner in Turincamp in 2015, will not be able come on to score his side’s second.

Also, the Italian champions’ defence will be tested by the Juventus’ midfield, which will be composed of Giorgio Chiellini, Alessandro Nesta, Andrea Barzagli, Marco Giaccherini and Luca Gasperini.

Juventus will be aiming for a 4-0 win, but it will be difficult for them to do so.

Juventus are favourites, but their opponents will be more than capable of keeping them in check.

Turin are the first team to play in Turine since 2008, and their home ground is the historic Stadio San Siro.

The derby is expected to be one of the most talked about in Serie A.