‘I’m going to get a new job’: Israeli police arrested Palestinian in Israel

An Israeli police officer has been arrested in the occupied West Bank for allegedly attempting to kidnap a Palestinian woman in an apparent attempt to rob her of her property.

Police said Tuesday that police had detained Israeli-American Ramzi al-Khader of the Ramat Gan neighborhood in the West Bank.

He was charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, attempted robbery, criminal damage to property, assault and criminal intimidation.

Al-Khadir is accused of trying to steal a vehicle belonging to a man in the Bethlehem area, who is a Palestinian resident, police said.

The vehicle belonged to the victim’s husband.

Police are also investigating a possible attempt to kidnap two Israeli tourists, who were returning from a trip to the West Banks.

Police also said Tuesday they are searching for two Palestinian men who allegedly kidnapped a Palestinian man from the West bank in the city of Hebron last month, according to police.

Police did not provide details about the incident.

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