Trump’s water woes hit his personal brand

LOS ANGELES — President Donald Trump is under fire over his water-related woes and his refusal to take a stand against it, including an ongoing public spat with a local water company.

Trump’s administration says it has installed more than 2 million meters of water infrastructure around the country and it has been adding more to the problem, even as some states struggle with the issue.

It says it is the first president to ever put the spotlight on the issue and will “be a leader on the water issues facing our country.”

The Trump administration issued a statement on Thursday, calling for an end to the water crisis.

The statement said that Trump has a commitment to the safety of all Americans and is committed to the rule of law.

“We believe the federal government should lead in the fight to end this crisis,” the statement said.

“The Trump Administration will lead in ensuring all Americans are protected from the threat of water contamination, and will continue to fight to ensure that states and local governments are held accountable for their water policies.”

The statement did not address Trump’s decision to issue a directive ordering the EPA to stop issuing new permits for the construction of new wastewater treatment plants.

The Trump administration is considering a ban on new water treatment plants, but the White House has not ruled out the possibility.

Trump is also under fire from the state of Texas, which sued the Trump administration to block the construction.

Trump says it’s his policy to “stop the bad water coming into Texas” and he is asking state officials to stop using water that comes from private wells.

Trump has been a vocal critic of the water industry.

He has criticized water infrastructure in other states as well, and in November, he declared that the nation should be building more water infrastructure.

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