John Mayer’s new song for the Olympics may not be his last

The world’s most-watched concert is now the most-talked-about.

The song “Crazy in Love” is playing in almost all arenas around the world.

The music is so well-received that it’s now being played by millions of athletes in the 2016 Rio Games.

But it may be John Mayer.

The singer and songwriter has been working on a new album that will be out this summer.

Mayer has been rumored to be working on the album for several months, and the album is expected to be released in July.

Mayer, who has said that he doesn’t want to be “the next John Mayer,” said on Tuesday that he has been doing a lot of work on the new album.

He told Rolling Stone magazine that he’s had “a ton of meetings with all the people in the music business, from the record label side to the publishing side, because I’m just a little bit of a visionary.”

The new album will feature Mayer’s first collaboration with longtime collaborator, singer-songwriter, producer and producer Jon Bellion.

He has been collaborating with Bellion since 2015, when he collaborated with Bello on the song “Tick Tock.”

He has said he is working on other music, but did not elaborate.

Mayer was on the cover of Rolling Stone with Belli, but it appears to be his only collaboration on the magazine’s cover story.