How the Pac-12 Conference could benefit from a Pacific Northwest plumbing deal

The Pacific Northwest has always been a strong market for college basketball.

And as the league continues to expand and grow, so has the number of teams that play in the region.

But in an effort to create a competitive environment for college athletes, the Pac 12 Conference is looking to add more venues.

The league announced Tuesday that it is looking at potential new venues in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

The conference has said it would consider more than 20 new venues by the end of the year, but the announcement was a bit surprising.

The Pac-10 has an additional 18 venues currently open.

The new venues will play host to all 30 teams in the conference.

The teams would also play in an arena that would be the largest in the Pac 10.

The idea is to make sure the Pac 14 is at the forefront of hosting college basketball games, and it would also give the conference a larger footprint in the West.

The move is part of the Pac 11’s plan to expand its footprint and add a new stadium for football and men’s basketball.

The plan has already started in earnest with the addition of an Arizona venue and the addition in 2018 of a pair of Arizona facilities.

The Pacific-12 has played a unique role in college basketball, as it’s the only region in the country that does not have a Division I athletic conference.

In addition to hosting football and basketball, the Pacific Northwest also hosts a few other sports including the volleyball program, the men’s lacrosse program and the men and women’s soccer programs.

The two-year-old Pacific Northwest Athletic Conference will have 12 members.

It has been known that the league could be expanding.

However, the league announced it is exploring new venues to play games in and the expansion was just the latest move in a growing effort to add new facilities.

“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth from our conference and the Pac12 and we’re very excited to be part of it,” Pac-11 commissioner John Swofford said in a statement.

“The Pacific Northwest offers a unique mix of sports and opportunities that has proven to be the most successful in the sport.”