What you need to know about Trump administration’s opioid crisis

What to know: Trump administration proposes $1.5 trillion for opioid crisis relief package that includes $1 trillion in tax credits and another $1 billion in Medicaid expansion to help states expand access to addiction treatment.

What to expect: The president’s opioid commission will recommend more than $1,400 per capita in opioid treatment, and $1 million per capita for addiction treatment programs.

The commission will also recommend $200 million for public housing and $100 million for other services to help with addiction. 

Source: Politico, “America’s opioid problem” article What you should know: The opioid crisis is expected to cost the United States $1trillion over the next 10 years, a cost that could increase to $2trillion, according to a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

President Donald Trump, who campaigned on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, announced the commission’s proposal Thursday, saying that it would be paid for by eliminating tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies and reducing other incentives.

The proposed package would cost $1tn by 2026. 

The report by CCDC and the Urban Institute also said that more than half of Americans under 65 years old are dependent on opioids. 

What to know : The American public is already spending more than a trillion dollars on opioid addiction care, according an August 2016 survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The Trump administration has proposed a total of $2.3 trillion for drug addiction treatment, according to a report from the Federal Trade Commission released last week. 

How it will work: The commission’s report said the federal government will use tax credits to offset the costs of drug addiction and addiction treatment for low-income Americans.

The plan will also include tax credits for opioid prescriptions. 

For example, a family of four earning $20,000 would pay $1 per month in tax-credit subsidies for their prescription of painkillers and other drugs, the report said. 

Trump administration says $1 trillion for opioid epidemic relief plan What you need a place to start?

Here’s a list of other stories we’re looking into this week: The American Medical Association is calling for the president’s commission to release its report by Friday, and for the commission to do so by Friday night. 

“We are calling on the president to release his own full report to the public and to the American people,” AMA President Dr. Karen DeYoung said.

“If he doesn’t, we are prepared to file an antitrust complaint with the FTC and the Department of Justice.” 

The group also wants the commission report to include information on how many people have died from opioids.

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