‘We’re not going to make it any easier’: Man charged with attempting to sell his son’s virginity

A man who attempted to sell a baby’s virginity to an undercover police officer at his home has been charged with burglary.

Key points:The man, aged in his 40s, was arrested on Friday, after a man allegedly broke into his houseThe man was arrested at his house in Galway after the alleged burglaryA man is currently in police custody, charged with break and enter and burglaryThe man’s wife has said the allegations are untrue and that the family will never forgive himThe arrest came after a 39-year-old man was allegedly burgled at his Galway home.

The man had been at home with his son and another couple at the time, but he and the other couple left the house without his consent.

When the man returned home, he noticed a man at the front door, who he described as the suspect.

He said he confronted the man, but it was not until he went to the kitchen to ask for help that he found the man inside.

He told gardai that he had tried to stop the man from breaking into his home, but the man said he was there to make a phone call.

Gardai are yet to confirm the man’s identity, but said it was believed to be a man aged in the 40s.

The Garda said the man is facing charges of burglary, break and entering and breach of peace.

The arrest was made at the house of the alleged victim.

He was detained for further enquiries.

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