Plumber’s new job pays $30,000 more than master plumbers salary

New York (NBC News) — The new job that plumbers get to be in — a master plimmer — will pay them more than $30 a month.

That’s according to a new report from Plumbers for America.

That means plumbers in New York will now be making a little more than a full-time wage for what would normally be a full time job.

The new pay will increase to $35 a month for those plumbers who make at least $30 per hour.

It’s an increase that Plumbers says is designed to encourage the growth of the plumber workforce.

Plumbers for Americans Executive Director Paul Jablonski says the new salary is a direct result of the company’s investments in automation.

He says automation will create a more productive workforce that will help New York become the nation’s leader in building high-quality, safe, affordable homes.

The new salary also includes overtime pay and other perks.

PlumbersforAmerica said it will spend $25 million on a national hiring campaign.